Price data for vintage
mint on card Star Wars figures


Vintage (1970's and 80's) Star Wars mint on card figures data

Past Sales

Sales data from the past 20 years, from eBay, Hakes and Vectis

Average Prices

Live Auctions

Average prices across a rolling 1 month to 2 year period, and all time

Live eBay auction prices compared to the rolling 6-month average, to help identify bargains and over-priced items

Sample Data

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Full time geek and collector of mint on card Star Wars figures from the 70's and 80's, with a passion for data science and Python development, resulting in this site


This site is a work in progress, in terms of both the cleanliness of the data and the site presentation. I apologise in advance for any irrelevant data captured here, or any misclassification. The data selection and classification process is continuously being refined however all feedback is welcome

All data captured here is freely available from the respective auction house websites. Subscribing to this site helps cover the web hosting costs and my time to maintain it

Finally, given the amount of data, this site is best viewed on a desktop / laptop or using desktop mode



If you have any questions or feedback regarding this site, please let us know via the form

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